1.   All other rules, regulations, and bylaws applicable to the Cemetery pertain to and shall be enforced for all gravesites in Section L of the Richmond Cemetery unless otherwise modified or further restricted by these specific rules and regulations.  To the extent that any of these specific rules and regulations may be ambiguous with other Cemetery Rules and Regulations, the Board of Trustees may clarify the interpretation of the ambiguities.

2.   Flowerbeds or planted flowers will be allowed in Section L only to the extent that they do not extend more than 14” from the stone or marker.  The 14” flowerbed must include a stone border and all must be well maintained by the gravesite owner.  Any flower beds or other plants must be first approved by the Director of Grounds.  Any flowerbeds or plants that become unsightly or overgrown with weeds will be removed by the Cemetery personnel without consultation with the gravesite owners.  The Cemetery shall incur no responsibility for removing flower beds or other prohibited plants.
3.   Any flags placed by the gravesites must be placed in approved flag holders and the appropriate flag etiquette must be followed concerning the display of any flags so placed.  Any flag holder must be placed directly next to any stone memorial marker, and any event, no further than one inch from the edge of the stone.  Only one flag is permitted per gravesite.  If, in the opinion of the representative of the Board of Trustees, the size and placement of the flag is not in keeping with the aesthetic setting of Section L, then the flag may be removed and stored appropriately until it is retrieved by the person placing the flag.  The decision to remove a flag is solely within the discretion of the Board representative and their decision is final.
4.   Memorial markers shall all be made of stone and there shall be no raised foot markers permitted at all.  Any foot marker shall be placed either flush with the ground or below grass root level.  Any foot marker that is raised above ground level shall be removed by the Cemetery staff and stored subject to being picked up by the appropriate person or, if requested and approved by the Board, the foot marker may be replaced with the marker being flush with ground level, in the Board’s discretion.
5.   Only headstone memorials will be permitted above ground level.  The size of the headstones shall be limited as follows: One gravesite may have a 1’ by 2’ headstone.  Two gravesites may have a 1’ by 4’ headstone.  Regardless of the number of gravesites owned by one individual or family, no headstone will be permitted to exceed 1’ by 4’.  (For example, if an individual purchases four gravesites; a 1’ by 2’ headstone may be placed on each grave; if this individual so desires there may be two 1’ by 4’ headstones placed for these four gravesites.  If a person purchases six gravesites, there may be a total of six 1’ by 2’ headstones—one for each gravesite; or three 1’ by 4’ headstones-one for each two gravesites.  No headstones larger than 1’ by 4’ will be allowed in Section L.)
The maximum height of any headstone placed in Section L shall not exceed 36” from the ground on which it is placed. (This includes the base and the die.)
There shall be no slanted stones permitted as either footstones or headstones.
6.   None of the following decorations, memorials, or other forms of adornments shall be permitted whatsoever:
            a.  Wind chimes
            b.  Hanging flowers
            c.  Shepherd’s hooks
            d.  Glass or ceramic ornaments or decorations
            e.  Benches
            f.  Flower pots (exception: stone urns incorporated into the headstone)
            g.  Any other things, items, decorations, or materials that may detract from the aesthetic appearance of Section L. Such items as incorporated herein may be removed by Cemetery personnel if the Board deems such items as being contrary to maintaining the aesthetic integrity of Section L.
7.   The decision of the Board of Trustees shall be final and not subject to appeal beyond a ruling by the Board of Trustees on the interpretation of these rules.
8.   It is expressly understood by all purchasers and subsequent owners of any burial site in Section L that these rules and the general rules and regulations of the Cemetery may be subject to change and that any future rules and regulations shall apply to all the gravesites located within Section L.