Major General John Miller - General John Miller was born on Muddy Creek, near the mouth of it's tributary, Hickory Lick, in Madison County, Kentucky, June 30, 1798.  His first introduction into military life came during his young manhood while living in Richmond.  The young blood of the town and surrounding country organized a volunteer military company and uniformed it, equipped with guns and munitions of war by the State.  John Miller was elected captain of the company.  After receiving his commission as captain, John Miller rose by regular promotion to Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, and Major General. 

The Battle of Richmond was fought mainly on August 30, 1862.  General Miller was with the Federal troops and he took an active part in this battle, aiding General Schaoff.  While trying to rally a disordered Union column (the Confederates won the battle, but were turned by the northern troops later at Perryville).  General Miller was mortally wounded near the Mt. Zion Christian Church (still standing on U.S. 421 near the Ordnance Depot). A cannon ball tore a hole in the church and the repaired side is still noticeable. General Miller was carried to the nearby residence of Thomas Palmer where he died Sept. 6, 1862.  This residence (now known as the Donovan Farm) is still standing and blood stains can still be seen on the floor where Miller more or less bled to death.

At his death General Miller held a commission to raise a Brigade of Federal troops to be composed of four regiments, for which he did not live to command.  His remains were buried in the Richmond Cemetery Section A, Lot 71, with the following monument inscription:

Gen'l John Miller
Born June 30, 1798
Mortally Wounded Aug. 30, 1862
While Gallantly Rallying A Disordered Column of Soldiers
Bearing the Banner of The Union
Died Sept. 6, 1862
Brave, Generous, and Affectionate, He Commanded The Admiration of the Virtuous When Living And in Death Their Unfeigned Regret.