Richmond Cemetery Company

Fee Schedule - Effective January 1, 2017

INTERMENT PRICES (opening & closing a standard grave) *Children age 4 and under $400.00

We accept cash, check, VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Apple Pay

Monday through Friday Prior to 2:00pm $  800.00
Monday through Friday Scheduled 2:00pm $  900.00
Monday through Friday Scheduled 3:00pm $1,000.00
Monday through Friday Scheduled 4:00pm $1,100.00
Saturday Prior to 2:00pm $1,000.00
Saturday Scheduled 2:00pm $1,100.00
Saturday Scheduled 3:00pm $1,200.00
Saturday Scheduled 4:00pm $1,300.00

Vaults Add to above pricing if steel vault is used, no additional charge for concrete vault. $ 325.00
Cremated Remains Monday through Friday (opening and closing the grave)        {click here for more cremation options} $ 400.00
Cremated Remains Saturday  (opening and closing the grave) $ 500.00
Grave Purchase Single Grave  (A lot is equal to 12 graves but may be divided). $ 800.00
Monument Foundations Price is "per square foot" (ex: single stone foundation is 2' x 1' = $160.00)  $ 80.00

Monuments - RCC does not sell monuments.  Click here for a list of local monument companies