FLOWERS: All artificial flowers placed in the cemetery between Easter and July 4th must be picked up by MONDAY, JULY 17th 2017.  All artificial flowers remaining after the 17th will be collected by the grounds crew.


REMINDER:  The back gate will close at 7:00pm beginning Saturday, April 1st.


CEMETERY THEFT - Multiple thefts have been reported to the cemetery

office since July 1st, 2016.  Items being stolen include flower pots, hanging baskets, urns, wind chimes, flags, sheppard's hooks, statuary, and plaques. 

If you are a victim of theft, please report it to the Richmond Police Department.  They have been notified and the cemetery is asking all patrons to please keep an eye out for anything unusual or suspicious and report it.  Thank You.      



 Inventory of Burials (hardcover) is available for purchase at the Cemetery office for $15.00.  It was published by the Madison County Historical Society in 2000 and includes an inventory of all burials up to the date of publication, the history of the cemetery, maps of each section, and lists of Confederate and Union casualties from the Battle of Richmond.  Reserve your copy today!

   Considering Cremation ? - Check out our new options here.

 REMINDER - If you own graves, don't forget to update your contact information at the Cemetery when you move! 

 Problems with MOLES on your grave(s)? - Use Bayer Spectrum (available at most home improvement stores).


CREMATION NICHES:  The cremation garden (inside the back gate) has niches available for purchase.  Please contact the office 859-623-2529 for more information on pricing and availability.  There are only 216 units so get yours now before they are all sold!