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Dates of Birth, Death and Burial are taken from Interment Orders.  If the dates are blank, we do not currently have that information.  If there is an "X" beside the date, it is estimated and NOT actual.  The column marked "Level" indicates multiple burials/cremations in one grave space.  To report missing, incomplete or incorrect information contact the Richmond Cemetery office at 859-623-2529 or email:
Lot Locations: (ex:) RC-T-124-3                            RC = Richmond Cemetery
                                                                              T = Section (sections are marked in the cemetery and on the map)
                                                                              124 = Lot Number  (lot #'s are not marked in the cemetery, only on the map)
                                                                              3 = Grave Number  (grave #'s are not marked in the cemetery or on the
                                                                                                                map, used for internal recordkeeping only)
Singles Location: (ex:) RC-SG-New-36-2352       RC = Richmond Cemetery
                                                                              SG = Single Grave (most single sections are marked on the map)
                                                                              New = Indicates which singles section (Old, New, L, Z, N, SE, R, PF2*, etc.)
                                                                              36 = Row number (Row #'s are not currently marked in the cemetery)
                                                                              2352 = Grave Number (Grave #'s are not marked in the cemetery)
*PF1 & PF2 are Potters Field and are located above Section K on the map. 
*PF3 is also Potters Field and is located below Section X along the EKU border fence.