BOARD OF TRUSTEES: - The following are names of Trustees who have previously, or are currently serving on the Richmond Cemetery Board.  These names were extracted from old Cemetery records and are arranged alphabetically.  

Baldwin, Thomas E., Jr.
Ballew, Joseph F., Jr. 
Bennett, Waller
Bennett, William C.
Breck, Charles H. 
Breck, Daniel
Brittain, Mary B.
Brown, Sara Dan
Burnam, Caperton
Burnam, Curtis
Burnam, Paul
Burnam, Robert Rodes
Busby, J. F.
Caperton, James W.
Caperton, Mrs. J. W.
Chenault, Douglas Walker
Chenault, Edward
Chenault, James S.
Corzelius, Georgia
Covington, R. C. H.
Cox, Vernon
Crooke, John W.
Crooke, John W., Jr.
Denny, A. R.
Denny, William R.
Dimitrov, Jerry Parrish
Embry, W. W.
Estill, Clifton
Faris, Mrs. A. Burton
Farris, H. Bennett
Fennell, Mrs. Blaine
Gibson, Mrs. Charles H., Sr.
Gordon, Thomas Jefferson
Greenleaf, John E.
Guiley, Spencer
Harney, Mrs. Clarence W.
Harris, John D.
Harris, William
Herndon, Mrs. J. P.
Hollaway, William
Hume, William L.
Irvine, David
Irving, Mrs. William M.
Jennings, William T.
Jones, Beth
Jones, Earl Dean
King, Margaret
Lackey, Mrs. James S.
Logan, J. V.
Logue, Jean Chenault
Mauck, Paula
Miller, John
Moberley, S. N.
Moberley, Susan
Moberley, T. S.
Neale, James J.
Parks, Dee
Powell, Rodney
Risk, Gary
Roberts, Donald
Rodes, William
Rogers, Paul
Saylor, David
Shakelford, J. T.
Shannon, James J., Jr.
Short, Gary
Smith, George Lee
Smith, G. Murray, Jr.
Smith, Thomas J.
Smith, Thomas J., II
Smith, Thomas J., III
Stockton, Edward
Stockton, R. C.
Telford, Dr. Robert Lee
Tribble, Alice
Tudor, H. Thomas
Turpin, Billy Glenn
Walker, J. B.
Walker, Mrs. Eugene W.
Walker, Kate S. 
Walker, William J. 
Ward, Milt
Watts, Emma Parkes
Watts, Mrs. W. W.
Weitkamp, Laura